Seniors 16 Years and Over - Beginner and Advanced Classes

New students learn the basic movements and principles of karate. The class begins with a warm up and stretch. The content of the class is varied and includes things like basic technique, self-defence, fitness work, impact training, drill work, etc.

As the student becomes proficient they progress into the advanced class requiring greater skill.

These classes are a great way to get fit, learn to defend yourself and make new friends!

Our Karate advanced classes Melbourne has some features which are appropriate for the senior students to make them fitter than ever before. If you feel that your kid should join our advanced level Karate Melbourne program, you must understand the basic features of our course.

We start from the basic

We always ensure that we start from the basic movements and the principles of karate before getting into the advanced level training. So even if your kid is beginner, you can enrol your kid in the Karate advanced classes Melbourne in our organisation. We will start his/her training from the basic principles and it will not be a problem for the student to keep up with the pace.

Variety of training

We provide different types of training like self-defence, impact training, fitness work and drill work to make sure that they feel motivated all the time to continue with the training process. This training will remove their boredom to a great extent and the student will be happy to continue learning with us.

We monitor the progress

We always make sure that we monitor the progress of our students so that we can promote them to the advanced level Karate Melbourne training to help them learn the advanced techniques in this particular field. Whenever a person is promoted to the advanced classes, he/she will need greater skills and that is why their skill level should be monitored before advancing them to join the advanced classes.

They will make friends

We always maintain a fun training environment in our program and that is why the students will be able to make new friends in the class itself to socialise. This helps in the long run because they will understand how they should interact with new people and make friends. So this is a great opportunity to learn self-defence and also socialise with likeminded individuals in our advanced level Karate Melbourne classes.

If this sounds appealing, then enrol yourself in our Karate program and watch yourself progress to the advanced level karate Melbourne Program