Little Dragon Classes for children 5 to 7 Years

The Little Dragon class is ideal for children under 8 Years. It provides them with the opportunity to train with other children their own age, without the pressure of having to keep up with older kids. You will be surprised at how quickly they will develop not only their karate and self-defence skills but also their co-ordination, concentration and confidence.

The emphasis is on learning and the children train in a fun environment. The concepts of respect and discipline are adhered to and the children understand they are learning serious skills that are not for “messing around”. They are however; taught to stand up for themselves and that there is a time and place for using their skills.

Lear basic skills

If your children are between 5 to 7 Years old, they should join our little dragon classes to learn basic skills in this program. We have launched our little dragons under 8 years class to provide them the opportunity to learn the advanced level Karate techniques. A few features of this program are given below

Train with other kids

Your kids will get the chance to train with other kids to understand their position in the craft. So if you enrol your kids in the little dragon karate classes, it will help them develop social skills.

Quickly build their self-defence skills

We will help your kids to learn self-defence skills and build their confidence to stand up for themselves. In our little dragons under 8 years class, we will not pressurise them to keep up with the older kids but we will make sure that they learn their techniques properly to defend themselves in the outside world.

Improves coordination, confidence and concentration

Learning Karate in our little dragon karate classes will help your kids to improve their confidence level so that they can face all the challenges in their life. Other than that, it will help them to have better coordination and concentration so that they can carry out every day work much more efficiently.

Having a fun environment to learn skills

We always create a fun environment for your kids in our little dragon karate classes so that they do not get bored while learning the basic skills. We also make sure that they don't mess around and learn the skill seriously to protect themselves whenever needed.

Learn respect and discipline

In the little dragons under 8 years class, your kids will learn to respect their peers along with the Karate techniques. So if you want to give them complete training to live in this world with respect and utmost discipline, this course can help them a lot in that factor.

These are the basic features of little dragon karate classes offered by us. If you enrol your kids in the little dragons under 8 years class, they will learn the life skills as well as a sport.