Young Warriors - 8 to 15 Years

Karate is an excellent all round activity for children. It will not only make them fitter and more co-ordinated, but will also improve their concentration, discipline and self-confidence.

The emphasis is on learning and the children train in a fun environment. The concepts of respect and discipline are adhered to and the children understand they are learning serious skills that are not for “messing around”. They are however; taught to stand up for themselves and that there is a time and place for using their skills.

The class begins with a warm up and stretch. The content of the class is varied and includes things like basic technique, fitness, self-defence, impact training and drill work.

Karate is an activity for the children which will make them all-rounder in all types of situations in life. So if you are looking for the young warriors Karate Melbourne program, we have the best classes for you. The facilities given in the young warriors Karate course are given below.

Make the children fitter

The young warriors Karate 8 years program made by us will make your 8 years old children much fitter than before and it will build their coordination power to a great extent. It will help them to improve their concentration for all the work and they will be able to create a discipline in their life easily.

Teach right usage of their skill

The young warriors Karate course will teach your children to use their skills in the appropriate situation rather than misusing them to mess around. So it will help them to understand where they should use their skills to protect themselves. That is why we always suggest that parents should enrol their kids in the young warriors Karate Melbourne program to learn self-defence at an early age.

The course begins with the warm-up

The young warriors Karate class believes in starting from the basics. So we always include warm-up and stretching in the first place so that the children can feel comfortable before starting with the advanced level techniques. We have experienced coaches who will give them the right instructions for stretching purposes so that the possibility of injury can be removed.

Variety of training in our classes

We include different types of skills like basic technique, self-defence, fitness, drill work and impact training so that the kid does not get bored of the same type of training every day. It will also help them to learn different techniques to protect themselves and other people with their skills.

Improves respect and discipline

Our young warrior Karate course will help the children to improve their respect towards other people and it will create discipline in their life. So if you enrol your child in our young warriors Karate 8 years program, it will help them to have a better life with enhanced discipline.

These are the basic features of our young warriors Karate Melbourne program. If you feel that these skills are appealing then enrol your child in this program, you can contact us immediately to book your trial classes.